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These regulations are supplementary to normal MRA Race Permit issue and must be adhered to  these are valid from 8th September 2020 and will be updated when necessary



To apply for a permit a Club must complete a COVID 19 Risk Assessment which must be forwarded to the MRA Permit Secretary before issue.


This Risk Assessment must detail, Social Distancing & Hand Sanitizing signage, number of and location of same, and measures to enforce Social Distancing.



  • The venue must have Social Distance signage displayed at the entrance gate, paddock entrance and around the venue.


  • Hand sanitizers must be available at signing on, and at all toilets (outside), these must have a sign indicating their position, everyone must be encouraged to use these often.


  • Gloves must be used when operating Start Gates, riders must be at least 1 meter apart on start gate.


  • Toilets, pedestrian crossing gates and marshal posts must be sanitized regularly.


  • Flag handles must be sanitized before and after use.


  • Marshals must be supplied with PPE, including gloves, masks, and face shields.


  • Officials must always also wear PPE, and all radio equipment to be sanitized before and after use

  • One person at a time in the signing on office, the rest to form an orderly queue at 2 metres distance between them


  • Parking must be at least 2 metres between vehicles on all four sides and social distancing must be observed at all times around vehicles.

  • It is the responsibility of all persons attending to ensure social distancing is upheld 


  • First Aid must include personnel trained to deal with COVID 19 casualty handling.


  • NI Executive/ Dail Eirann Guidelines on numbers, travel  distance etc. must be upheld.


  • Everyone on site must ensure COVID 19 Track and Trace information is given to the designated official. Name address, telephone numbers. This information is to be kept on file for 21 days only.

  • Care must be taken to handle solid surfaces as little as possible









  • Everyone on site MUST respect Social Distancing Guidelines.


  • Competitors should enter on-line; cash handling to be minimized where possible.


  • SPECTATORS will be allowed but must observe Social Distancing rules at all times.


  • Everyone attending must answer the COVID 19 checklist and leave contact details, head of a family group will suffice.


  • Competitors must bring their own pen for signing on, this must be taken away with them.

  • No celebrations, handshakes etc after races are complete


  • Competitors MUST bring their own litter home with them.


  • Competitors must not share clothing, including riding gear, towels, helmets etc.


  • Anyone using toilets must sanitize their hands before and after use.


  • If anyone at the venue has any of the symptoms of Coronavirus i.e. a new and continuous cough, a sore throat, or a temperature above 37.5C then please stay at home and follow the latest Government guidelines.


  • If anyone in attendance has been in contact with anyone who has the symptoms of Coronavirus, has tested positive or is currently awaiting the results of a Coronavirus test then please stay at home and follow the latest Government/NI Executive guidelines.


  •  Contactless Card Transactions will be accepted, pre-payment via online entry is preferred.


  • Everyone on site must ensure that social distancing is always observed  including in the Toilets.


  • If anyone at the venue develops any symptoms of Coronavirus while at the venue, then please return home at once and follow the latest government guidelines on what to do next. Please do NOT go to the venue Medical Centre or Ambulances.


  • Care must be taken with soiled and dirty clothing, these must be collected by the wearer and safely stowed. No sharing of drinks bottles etc.

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