All day action at Loughbrickland Motocross Park


Saturday 26th June welcomed the first round of the MRA Ulster Motocross Championship at Loughbrickland Motocross Park, hosted and organised by the South Down Motorcycle Club.

Since agreeing to host the inaugural round a little over two weeks ago, members of the South Down Motorcycle Club did an incredible job transforming Loughbrickland MX Park into a top-class venue that welcomed a substantial entry of riders in all classes, including 24 of the very youngest competitors taking part in the automatic class.


For the first-time ever, the first round of the MRA Ulster Motocross Championships incorporated both youth and adult class racing.  A jam-packed 21 race programme, plus seven full practice sessions, was delivered seamlessly by the Club, and after the events of the past year and a half, it was a tremendous day for MRA motocross in Northern Ireland.

With signing-on starting from 7am, the first practice session commenced at 9.15am and the entire programme was delivered by 5.15pm.

MRA contributed to the prize fund and in addition, a huge thanks must go to the many sponsors that supported the event, whose valuable contributions also added to the adult prize fund and provided some exciting prizes for youth competitors.

From rider and spectator comments and feedback on the day, everyone involved in the promotion of this first event should be incredibly proud of their efforts. Sincere thanks to the South Down Motorcycle Club, flag marshals, first-aid personnel, on-site caterers and all MRA officials.

And last but by no means least, THANK YOU to all of the adult and youth riders, and their extended teams, for a memorable day’s racing. This was the impressive return to Championship motocross that we all hoped for and bodes well for an exciting season ahead.

Round Two, hosted by the Mourne Motorcycle Club at Seaforde MX Park, will take place on Tuesday 13th July 2021.


A full set of race results from Loughbrickland will be available on the MRA website soon or visit My Laps for the details:

Results summary:  Ulster Championship Round 1


  • Caleb Ross - 75 points

  • Daniel Devine – 66 points

  • Joel Haire – 60 points


  • Ben Atkinson – 75 points

  • Callum Bradley - 58 points

  • Josh Tyrrell - 52 points 



  • Kole Nally – 72 points

  • Martins Kalinins – 69 points

  • Josh McCann - 60 points 



  • Ben McConville - 75 points

  • Ben Ford - 64 points

  • Shane Ovel - 62 points 



  • Jack Meara – 75 points 

  • Markuss Kalinins – 66 points

  • Arnas Krizka – 60 points



  • Alex Henderson - 72 points

  • Jake Farrelly – 69 points

  • Blaine Doyle – 60 points



  • Colin Ross – 75 points

  • John Graham – 64 points

  • Oisin McAteer - 49 points



  • Ruairi Grimes - 64 points

  • Paul Carey – 63 points

  • Stephen Gabbey – 58 points 



  • Niall Cregan - 75 points

  • Aaron McGregor - 64 points

  • Keaton Stewart – 58 points



  • Ivan Kerr – 70 points

  • John Robb - 67 points

  • Bobby Irwin - 64 points



  • Connor Mullan – 75 points

  • Aaron Gardiner – 64 points

  • Jack Moore – 62 points 



  • Jason Meara – 75 points

  • Luke Smith - 58 points

  • Richard Bird – 52 points 



Following the Northern Ireland Assembly announcement on the easing of restrictions, the Motorcycle Racing Association is in the process of reassessing the previously published 2021 Dates List, with a view to delivering as many events as possible from June and potentially extending the motocross season through until September or October.


We’re awaiting final confirmation from NI Assembly on a return to outdoor sport with spectators, which is due  Thursday 20th May.


With a number of our various Ulster Championship Dates not being possible to promote due to the recent ‘lock down’, it is now our intention to try to accommodate some of these events - where possible – back into the remaining months of our season.


We are at present in the process of checking with our Clubs who already have confirmed dates (both Championship and Club fixtures) as to their intention to promote nominated events on those dates. Once we have a clearer picture on this, we will publish a revised Dates and Event Calendar covering all our various Off Road Discipline Events from June until the end of our season. We will endeavor to have this available at the earliest possible opportunity. 


The situation with the various planned 2021 Irish Championship Series is not as straightforward due to the varying restrictions between NI and S.Ireland.  However, we will be liaising with our colleagues in Motorcycling Ireland to establish how best to proceed in the months ahead. 


But one thing we are sure on, is that we can’t wait to get back to racing safely! We are very much looking forward to seeing you all trackside at a MRA Club-promoted event in the very near future. 


Motorcycle Racing Association (Ireland) Ltd.

Pathway out of Restrictions From 23rd April

The following relates to non-elite level outdoor sport affiliated to recognised sports governing bodies or representative organisations for sport and physical activity

Outdoor sport organised by a club, individual or individuals affiliated will be extended to include squad training.

  • Activities such as outdoor fitness classes, yoga classes or equivalent should remain at group sizes of 15.

  • Squad training in some sports may be larger but only to the level that is necessary to prepare for competitive sport.

  • This must not be a signal to congregate squads with much greater numbers than the minimum required to prepare for competition.

Competitive outdoor sport can be organised by a club, individual or individuals affiliated, with numbers (including participants, officials, management and essential support personnel) not exceeding 100 and no spectators permitted

In many cases competitive sports events can be held with numbers significantly below 100. This should be the norm for many sports. Numbers are set around essential participants only e.g. athletes, officials, coaches. Sports should think about the minimum number of participants required to stage the event safely. The absolute maximum on site at any time should be 100 and in the case of many events will be much less. If events cannot be held within this capped number then they must not take place at this time.

If for example 42 individuals are required to stage an event, sports cannot permit a further 58 individuals to observe. Remember there are to be no spectators at all

 We are seeking clarification on some areas and once we have confirmation we can advise 

Unfortunately as we approach the final days of March 2021 the MRA still find ourselves and our sport under COVID 19 Government Restrictions.


We had initially hoped that the recent Formal Review of Restrictions by the N I Assembly (16th March) might have seen some easing or relaxation of restrictions that could have signalled some form of return to action for our sport.


However this hope was not to be and the current Restrictions for the most part are likely to remain in place until the next N I Assembly Formal Review set for the 15th April 2021.


The only slight relaxation to restrictions for our Sport was that from 12th April, “ Up to 15 people can participate in outdoor Sports Training through clubs affiliated with recognised Governing Bodies “

However after checking with the relevant authorities the MRA have clearly been advised that this “up to 15 number of people” is to include ALL THOSE in attendance at any outdoor venue. So in the case of our sport this total number would have to include, any Club Officials, Coaches, Track or Flag Marshals, First Aid personnel and also any Drivers, Parents or Helpers accompanying the very few spaces then left for actual Competitors.

Not really a very viable option in the case of our sport and it’s requirements.


So for now this cautious approach adopted by the N I Executive and other Governments towards the easing of Restrictions is still very much with us and dominating any immediate return to some form of normality for our sport.


If we can all possibly still manage to hold our patience and do the best we can to help for just a little while longer, there will be a big prize at the end when we will all be able to enjoy a final return to racing without any further thought or threat of a return to any more “Lockdown Restrictions” in the future. 


In the meantime MRA will continue to plan for as FULL an Ulster and Irish Championship season for all our Off Road disciplines both Youth and Adult, as we can possibly realistically manage during 2021.


Please for now Stay Safe, Take Care and we really do hope to see you all TRACKSIDE at MRA events in the very near future.


Motorcycle Racing Association ( Ireland) Ltd

Looking Forward


At the beginning of a New Year we would all usually be looking forward to the start of a new season of “ MRA Off Road” racing and activity.

Sadly however this awful Corona-virus situation is still dominating our lives and as a consequence has once again put our seasons hopes and plans on hold for the time being.


Currently Government Restrictions state that all Motorsports Venues should remain closed. That restriction is in force until at least the 5th February 21 unless otherwise stated. This then sadly means that all MRA activity is suspended until further notice.


In all honestly it is difficult to think that given the current alarming rise in Covid-19 infections and the unprecedented demand on our hospitals and NHS services, that the level of restrictions now in place will be eased to any major extent during the month of February at the very least.


The real hope for us all now and our sport in general, perhaps lies with the arrival of a number of vaccines and with a vaccination programme now in place which will eventually help to see a return to some sort of normality for us all and of course a welcome return to our sport and racing calendar as soon as possible in the earlier part of 2021.


In the meantime a lot of planning has been taking place and with thanks to our secretary Louise Houston who has produced a full list of proposed dates, promoting clubs, events, venues and Championship status for the year ahead. Once this dates list has been considered and approved by our MRA clubs we would plan to publish the list on our website and Facebook pages as soon as possible.


In particular an account has been taken on the proposed dates for some of the Mainland based Championships such as the ACU British Youth and Adult C/Ships, the MX National C/Ships and the ACU / Nora Quad and Sidecar C/Ship events. All with a view to keeping these dates clear where possible of any proposed dates for Ulster Youth, Adult, Quad and Sidecar Championship events.


New 2021 Adult and Youth licence application forms are now available from MRA clubs. When applying for a 2021 MRA licence you will see a substantial reduction in the cost from the usual licence fees. This is taking into account a very much restricted 2020 Season as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic had on the number of events which the MRA were in a position to promote last season.


As an association we have developed close links to Government Departments and Sporting Bodies i.e. Department for Communities and Sport NI and we can assure you that we will be lobbying strongly to see a return to our “Off Road” sporting activity as soon as possible in 2021.


In the meantime please do Take Care and Stay Safe and we will look forward to seeing you all back at our events and on the tracks very soon.


MRA    Motorcycle Racing Association ( Ireland ) Ltd.