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Team Ireland Coupe de l'Avenir 2022 - Press release Aug 15 2022


At the MCUI Motocross Commission meeting on Aug 11, the applications for the 2022 Coupe de l’Avenir were considered and the following riders have all been confirmed to represent Ireland in the 50th year of the event in Basieux, Belgium next October 1&2.



Martins Kalnins - Louth

James McCann - Antrim

Ryan Flynn - Wexford



Lewis Spratt -Tyrone

Robbie McCullough - Antrim

James Egerton - Tyrone



Cole McCullough - Antrim



Jake Farrelly - Meath



Nathan Green - Down


Reserves: Jack Moore, Ben Egerton


I am looking forward to bringing this strong team to 2022’s Coupe de l’Avenir.

This year will be a special event as it is the 50th year of this competition. The organisers have asked all the 50 year’s previous winners to attend a special commemoration.  So that will mean much of the top racing names in European Motocross will be at the track watching our future Motocross stars.  

This year, thanks to the riders having to apply to enter the team, we have a group of super enthusiastic guys who really want to race at the Coupe. They will be representing all the Irish riders from both MRA and MCI and we can gauge ourselves against Europe’s best.

Most of the team members have excelled in this year’s very successful Irish Championship or in Europe and GB so we are all confident of good results.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our new recruit, Wayne Garret, who will be coming on board to get ready for when he takes over my job next year.

I also want to thank our sponsors who make the event possible; the MRA, Motorcycling Ireland (MCI), Jones Plant, Mediterranean Tiles and especially the Belgian Haut de Pays Motocross Club.


Mick Mc Ginn, Team Ireland Manager, Coupe de l’Avenir 2022, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

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