Coupe De l`Avenir Team Ireland 2021

The Coupe de l`Avenir is one of the oldest and most prestigious events on the FIM European Motocross Calendar.

It has been held annually in Belgium for the past 49 years and is seen as a youth precursor to the MX des Nations.  Ireland has been a regular contender in this event over the years and in 2018, Team Ireland under 21s won their class - the first ever team success for any Irish team.

The MCUI Motocross Commission is now pleased to announce that they will send a team to Belgium to compete this year.

(Obviously, this will be subject to the situation with Covid)

We intend to send:

Three 65cc riders (3 bikes 50cc to 65cc 2 stroke)

Three 85cc riders (3 bikes 65cc to 85cc 2 stroke)

Three under 21 riders (one 125cc 2stroke rider, one EMX2 rider and one Open class rider)


Team selection and allowances                     


All intending riders must put their name forward for selection. The team of riders will be selected by the MCUI Motocross Commission according to ability both inside and outside our championships.

As some riders may not have been visible to selectors this year, it is advised that they accompany recent race results ac/activity with their application.

Special consideration will be given to the guardian and rider’s abilities as team players.                                                   

Each rider will be granted an allowance of €800 towards their expenses to attend the event. The committee will arrange start permission, racing number decals and team jerseys. Each rider will get two admission passes in addition to their own entry pass. Payment of allowance will be made to the rider’s guardian or rider (if over 18) in Belgium on the day before the event

Date:  Friday September 24 to Sunday September 26, 2021. Racing is on Saturday and Sunday. Riders must be trackside by 2pm on Friday for sign on and to avail of team parking.



2021 MCUI Motocross (MCI and MRA) licenced riders can apply.

Riders must be within the age classes described below.

Riders will supply their own bike (as per class), equipment and riding wear.

Riders must wear the team jersey (supplied) and bikes display team graphics (supplied) while riding at the event.

Riders must follow event regulations and team managers’ instructions while on the team.



Application process:   


  If you want to put your name forward for team selection please send an email with your name, the class you want ride in, recent riding history, your MCI/MRA licence number and date of birth to (2021 Coupe applications ONLY) by 8pm on 9th August 2021. If you are under 18 your guardian must apply. You will be notified by the end of that week of the team decision.  Please note that if you put your name for selection on the team you MUST be available to ride this event.  If you are selected and are not available for reasons other than health, there may be repercussions for selection on future teams. To be well informed before application, please check the event’s website listed below.

General Ages & Capacities limits for Coupe del Avenir 2021 (Check supplementary regulations on website below for exact wording)


   65cc            8 yrs min age    12 yrs max age  born between 01/01/2009 and 26/09/2013

 85cc            11 yrs min age   14 yrs max age  born between 01/01/2007 and 26/09/2010  

125cc 2T       13 yrs min age 17 yrs max age born between 01/01/2004 and 26/09/2007

MX2              14 yrs min age  21 yrs max age born between 01/01/2000 and 26/09/2007

MX1              15 yrs min age 21 yrs max age born between 01/01/2000 and 26/09/2007

MX3               16 yrs min age 21 yrs max age born between 01/01/2000 and    26/09/2007

Team Manager: Mick Mc Ginn

Event website: